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Our History

On October 4, 2004, Joseph Pugliese stood in front of the Student Government Association, with his charter class sitting in the audience supporting him. After his speech, Sigma Xi Epsilon was approved with a vote of 27-2.

Since there was a rise in the male population of St. Joseph's College, along with many contrasting personalities from the existing fraternity on campus, the decision to start a new fraternity came about. The three founders of Sigma Xi Epsilon, Joseph Pugliese, Philip Layh, and John Krupp carefully picked the Charter Class, due to the vast personalities that they each inhibited, as well as an Honorary Brother, who due to extenuating circumstances, could not be part of the charter class. The Charter Class consisted of Salvatore Cani, Jason Dicpinigaitis, Frank Giordano, Keith Annunziata, Joseph Leocata, Joseph Macellaro, Richard Palilla, Anthony Russo, and Steven Torreblanca. Daniel Fier was chosen to be an honorary brother in Sigma Xi Epsilon.

The name Sigma Xi Epsilon came about due to the fact that the symbols represent a transforming E. This transformation will signify the journey that takes place in joining and participating in the Sigma Xi Epsilon Fraternity, and throughout one's life..

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