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Pledging Sigma Xi Epsilon

*Anyone who thinks they might be interested in pledging in any of the upcoming semesters, feel free to contact any of the brothers or email us at:*

In order to be eligible to rush for Sigma Xi Epsilon, a male student must have been enrolled at St. Joseph's College for at least one semester prior to the semester they wish to rush.

At the moment, Sigma Xi Epsilon will be having both a Fall semester as well as a Spring semester pledge class. All are welcome to attend our rush meetings and find out what we are about, however only continuing students (not including first semester freshmen) are eligible to rush.

During the rushing process, the rushees must participate in a variety of activities showing their sincere interest and desire to become part of the fraternity. The Brothers will take this time to get to know the rushees and vice versa. At the end of the rush period, a group of rushees selected by the Brothers of SXE will be invited to participate in the pledging process.

The premise of pledging is to develop strong bonds of trust, committment, and brotherhood amongst the brothers and the pledges.


Want to get to know Sigma Xi Epsilon a little bit more before deciding to rush? Check back on the SXE Welcome page every so often for upcoming events we'll be holding. We hope to see you there.